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About Us

Ariel’s Fine Dry Cleaners is a locally owned small business that was founded in the very heart of Kirkland, WA. We’ve been working in the dry cleaning industry here in Kirkland for over 15 years. With that much experience there’s very little mystery behind our high quality dry cleaning service, excellent customer service, and our ability to serve with very limited time.
Our employees work together as a team to bring you a combination of the best dry cleaning services in the Pacific Northwest. Weknow your needs and how to meet them.

When it comes to clothing, we know exactly what your concerns are. Many times you’ll pick up a fancy article that’s got the dreaded “Dry Clean Only” text on the tag. We know many times to you that means two things: you need to invest more money into this article of clothing and you’re going to have to go through the hassle of taking it to a trusted dry cleaning location.


Ariel’s Fine Dry Cleaners is here to say you need not worry any longer! When you see that tag you’ll no longer think about that hassle or high cost of dry cleaning because instead you’ll think about how efficient and affordable Ariel’s Fine Dry Cleaning really is. As we have already mentioned, here at Ariel’s Fine Dry Cleaning, we treat every single customer that walks through our door as more than a customer. Our industry experts are well trained in the customer service field and part of their job is to remove one more worry from your agenda.

We know you’re very busy and can’t afford to worry about little things like who’s going to take the stain out of your brand new, very expensive button up shirt or about whether they’ll have it ready by your date on Saturday. We assure you that we’ve got it under control. Upon requesting our services and allowing us to work for you you’ll promptly receive your article of clothing completely clean, packaged and ready for you to wear straight out of our shop.

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